Friday, August 1, 2008

It is HOT

The A/C unit is not working upstairs so we spent the last couple nights downstairs. The kids loved it! They were up until 11pm last night jumping off the couch. Mason was fearless and just so funny to watch.
Finally we got them all to bed and in their spots, I called the couch, but of course whereever mommy is- so are all the kids, check out the last picture.

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FlemingClique said...

HAAAAAAAAAAA ha that is so funny! Im just crakin up thats too funny.:-D Yeah, I can understand it would be really hot b/c once the humity rises it feels alot hotter than it really is. Sorry.
So are you growing masons hair out like "punk" style...i thinks its cute that way.

LCrook said...

Oh Britt-you guys crack me up!!! Who knew 5 could fit on a couch?!? You may have been better off on the floor. Hilarious pictures of the kids. Looks like they had one heck of a slumber party!