Monday, May 25, 2009

Vacation to Florida & Nana

Sorry it's been awhile since I posted. Chris had to go check/work on a jobsite down in Florida and wanted to see if I wanted to come knowing it wasn't far from where my Grandmother lives (Nana). Which is funny because just a week prior I had told him I was eager to get down there and see her and spend time at the beach and I didn't want it to be for just a day or two. But in order to go the kids were going to miss the last week of school. They don't really do much learning the last week right? So off we went to Florida for a week while Chris worked on this house. I was going to spend everyday at the beach or in the pool getting an awesome tan! Well it didn't quite work that way. We arrived in the evening about 7pm, the pool was the perfect temperature and the kids swam until dark. But by morning a front was coming in and this cold wind was blowing continuously. It cooled the pool down so quick the kids couldn't get in by afternoon. So the next day I decided we're going to try the beach, a little wind won't bother us. I was wrong. It was blowing so hard it felt like someone was hitting you with a sand blaster. We turned around and went home after 5mins on the beach. And then the rain came and stayed the rest of the week, needless to say we watched a lot of movies and got on poor Nana Pat's nerves. Mason was into everything and I need to work on CJ and McCade's Manners. That was a bit of an eye opener. These pictures are of the last day there the rain and wind had stopped with just a couple hours of daylight left and I knew this was my last chance to get to the beach.( I am so a beach bum.) We drove down there and stayed for a couple of hours until the sun went down past the horizon.

Do you like Mason's Nemo "speedo". That wasn't planned, somehow his swim trunks didn't make it to the car.
All in all we still had a good time and I was so glad to spend time with my Nana Pat. We sure do love her.
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Pool Day.

These are the only pictures of the kids in Nana's Pool. The kids had one good day of swimming and then the wind became too cold.
I love this picture of Mason and Maddie.
The pool became too cold to swim in so they sat there one early evening with their feet in the pool playing I spy.

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The Turtle

Chris was coming home and noticed a turtle going across Nana Pat's yard.
All the kids wanted to hold the turtle or at least at first they did, but then when it came to actually picking him up, that was a little scary.

Mason wanted to keep "petting" him. I thought that was funny.
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Madolin with her Great Grandmother. We call her Nana Pat.
She would be upset with me if she knew I put this on my blog for everyone to see, because she didn't have her make-up on. We love her very much and she is a wonderful Grandma.
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

T's Prom Pics

Tyler had his prom last weekend and we decided to go "check'em out". Sure is fun to watch them and the memories it brings back. Tyler's date was Kelsie. She's a sweetie
Here's the group picure
I liked this one of all the guys
We've gotten to know Kelsie and her family and Macey just loves her. Kelsie doen't have any sisters so she is really sweet with my girls and loves to give them attention, which Macey just absolutely loves. Kelsie will let Macey hold her purse and to pretend to talk on her "pink" cell phone and use her lip gloss ... etc. Macey just loves it. Did I mention Macey loves her.
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Monday, May 4, 2009

Madolin's Blessing Day

Madolin was such an angel today. She didn't cry when I put her in her dress. She didn't spit up on her dress. She smiled for me and for the camera and didn't make a peep as being blessed. Then she took a wonderful long nap all through the rest of church and made it home before waking up. Her blessing was beautiful and other than being late to church (oops) everything went smooth enough for me - not perfectly, I do have 5 kids, but smooth enough.
I can't tell you enough how much we love her.
This is the only good picture we got of her afterwards, once we got home and woke her up she was very very hungry and wanted to eat rather than to smile.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

How cute is that

I can't remember what we were watching at the time but it must have been interesting. Chris and I thought that was just too cute.

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