Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The latest news at our house

(I think you all know the reasons that I went against the school's judgement and held McCade back so I won't go into details there.)
McCade's kindergarten teacher called me the end of last week and asked if I would like to meet with her regarding Cade. In the meeting she shows me other kids work compared to Cade's and the big difference there was and suggests that he really should go to 1st grade. I said okay, but still a little worried. I was hoping he would be able to go back to the k-1 class that he was originally in, since they knew this was a possibility. I received a phone call from the principle that the K-1 class was full and there was only 2, 1st grade classrooms he could go too. She then called back a few minutes later saying that the only class open was Mrs. Davis' class. Now I'm really worried, thinking this is the left over teacher that nobody wanted. She ended up being the best teacher which is amazing that she had an opening. (..hmmmm)
The first day of 1st grade and he passes all 11 lists of his sight words, only two other kids in the class have done that. Second day she sent home a letter saying Cade is a strong reader for this point of the year, he'll be moving up to a higher level soon.
I am so excited for Cade and I'm feeling a bit of a clueless mom.


Lauren & Shaun said...

Ohh good for Cade! It is always a ego booster for kids when they know that they are doing so well and not behind! Good for him! And Britt, I think all parents have their moments of being clueless about their kids! So far that is all my parenting, being clueless even though I try not to be!