Sunday, January 16, 2011

"WOC Night" Wrestling Of Curby's (CJ's suggestion)

We sometimes like to kid with Cade because Macey who is two years younger and very competitive, can every now and then beat Cade. They were both in funny moods and started a wrestling match with CJ as the ref, calling the match. Cado the Crusher vs Macey the Monster. Then it went onto Cade on his knees vs Mason (Dubby the Dinosaur). Next came Samuri C.J. vs Gorilla Dad(on his knees he really did look like a gorilla). By this time, boys being boys and full of testosterone, all had their shirts off. First one to five wins! Then came Mom vs Gorilla Dad, poor little Maddie got a little worried. At about round 3, Mason trying to pep Mom up yells out "Mom you need to take your shirt off too!" We all just busted up laughing. It was absolutely hilarious, he said it so innocently with not a clue and stared at us with a blank face wondering why we were all laughing. Priceless

Monday, January 10, 2011

I was never able to pull it together and get a family picture done for Christmas cards. This is all I was able to get in December. At least I got a picture of all the kids together for the year of 2010. (sigh) They do grow up fast.

Macey and Mason's Birthdays

I can't believe our little Dubby is now 4 yrs old. He is the sweetest, most tender hearted boy and a little ruffian on the flip side and lovingly beats up on his little sister a lot. The stinker. We sure do love him and his sweet funny personality.

Macey turned 6. Crazy to think we left Arizona when she was 10 months old and now she's 6. She was so excited to go to Build-a-Bear! She requested to go there more than six months before her birthday and every month she would remind me.
Macey Mo is such a ham and has us rolling sometimes with her funny faces and theatrical gestures. Oh my goodness and I am not used to the drama that comes along with girls. Thank goodness for Chris that can reason with her. She has always been such a big helper and so motherly to anyone that is hurt in anyway. Love you two.