Friday, July 31, 2009

My favorite show ever

Wasn't last night's show AWESOME!!! except for the part when Ade got sent home. BOO.
I'm sorry but Evan is just not as good as Ade and Brandon are, I can't believe he stayed. I absolutely loved the dance routines last night I was so excited when they did "bleeding love"
I loved Mark from last season. JABBAWOCKEEZ ugh that was sooo cool!!!
Now if they would just come out with the seasons on CD my life would be complete. ha ha just kidding. Then I could watch the one with Lauren and Neil when she was in white and he was the villian. I could also watch the Paso Doble with Sabra and Neil, when she wraps herself like a doughnut around him and he drops her to the ground! I could also watch the one with Neil and Sabra danced to the music "Sweet Dreams are Made of These" can you see a pattern.

Monday, July 27, 2009


I was just pulling out of our neighborhood when I noticed this little beauty with a "FREE" sign leaning against it. OH Yea I'm all about the free stuff. The kids are having a blast. It is so nice being in a cul-de-sac. They have lots of room to drive it around.
Nothing better than driving around and enjoying some licorice!

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Our Quilt Block

Our Stake is having each ward make a quilt and then we're going to display them when all are done. Then someone special in our ward gets the quilt. Our ward decided to divide us up in groups and have each group make a 12x12 quilt block and then they will put them all together. The material was chosen but we got to choose a pattern. So this is our quilt block we did. We had a good time sitting and chatting as we sewed and snacked. It took us almost two hours although we did start late come to think of it. When we showed Chris he was a little surprised. I don't know what he was expecting, but he thought it would be more than just one little block for two hours of work. ha ha
I'll have to be sure and get a picture of the whole quilt. I'm curious as to how its going to turn out with so many hands that worked on it.
Starting from the left is Sara, Ali and Carrie

Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Night at the Museum!!!

Chris discovered this event going on and thought it might be fun for our family. It was a blast! Downtown Kennesaw Museum ran a "Night at the Southern Museum".
It was so cool, having all these different characters coming to life and talking to the children. They met a lot of historical characters and got to interact with them. We got held up by a mobster, sniffed by cavemen, given stolen treasure, put in jail, Signed up for war. (CJ chose the south and Cade chose the North.) Macey played poker, CJ danced a jig and many more things. I got a lot of pictures but, still I missed a bunch of them. Some of the ones we didn't get a picture with was: Albert Einstein, Atila the Hun, cavemen, Abe Lincoln, Pirates and a few more. Here's a bunch of other pictures. Enjoy. He was a cute Roman soldier. ha ha

Colonel Mustard. He was looking for Sackajuweha. I have no idea if I spelt that right.
Storm troopers and bat mobile.

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The kids absolutely loved seeing Star Wars characters there!! They all dropped their mouths, it took them awhile to get up the nerve to ask to have a picture with them.
R2D2 was pretty cool. Look how big he is. He just strolled around the Museum letting kids take pictures with him. Do you like our cool headbands.... they were free.

Mason was a little nervous being so close to Darth Vader. The kids were so STOKED! I think Daddy was too.

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I thought it was so cute that Mason even played along and held up his hands.

This guy is in the second movie. My kids love going around saying "Boom Boom FIREPOWER"!
This guy really scared Macey. The room was kind of dark and he was sitting so still. When she walked by him, he turned and started talking to her. She jumped and let out a little scream/giggle. She thought that was pretty funny.

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continued pictures

Macey got right in there and started playing cards, I thought that was kind of funny. Of course CJ and Cade were all into having the cowboys show them their GUNS.

While we were inside I had a pirate offer to cut off the "growth" I seemed to have on the front of me. ha ha
I still can't believe I had all these kids....really they're all mine?
We had an awesome time, I'm so glad Chris saw the advertisement for it.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our latest, self inflicted hair pulling project

We decided to fix up our downstairs bathroom. The floor was wood and wood and water don't go well together especially in a bathroom used by children. We had water damage and in the summer months when it warmed up, it would not smell so good. I know it's grose, but Macey during her potty training had several accidents on the wood floor and it soaked into that wood and need I go further, yuck I know. Which is why we pulled it up and decided to put in tile. Here's a few pictures. It's a very small bathroom.

What started out as just floor and fixtures became a little more. We put in bead board and painted that and after at least 5 trys we finally got the toilet set. That was an absolute nightmare. You have to notice the faucet, Chris saw it and fell in love with it. I think that's his favorite part.
Note to self: clean mirror better

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Cade's Birthday Party

Cade turned SEVEN in June! I have been promising for quite awhile that I would do a party for him. He was very excited. Too bad his class is so small it would have been fun to have had a few more there. I say that now that it's over and done with. We did a Transformer theme, starting from the left we have Jazz, Optimus Prime, Ratchet and Bumble Bee. We did an obstacle course, a couple water games, decorated cupcakes, lunch and then a hunt for the cube. They had a blast running around finding the clues and trying to figure them out. I wish I had made it a little longer. Here's some pictures.
I had them make a funny face. I think Optimus wins. Her mom will get a kick out of this picture.
The kids decided they wanted to show off some of their dance moves. I don't know where Cade is in these pictures.

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continued pictures

It's a nice way to use up time, by letting them decorate their cupcakes! And they have fun doing it!!!
Present time!!

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