Thursday, July 29, 2010

1. I can't believe I'm showing these pictures for all to see. I didn't even show the kitchen.
2. Seriously Kids... Really?... WHO IS YOUR MOTHER?... oh that's right. Me.
3. Does it have to look like this Every Monday Morning?
4. I can't tell you how many times I have thought... I should not be a mother of five. I'm drowning, I'm drowning.
5. And Chris wonders why I like to close myself up into a room and open a book. (He doesn't really say that, it just sounds good)
Somebody please tell me you have days like these.

There's a new mess maker in town.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Maddie's 4th of July outfit!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cade's birthday/baptism

Here's pictures at his baptism and some of my favorite pictures of Cade.

We celebrated Cade's birthday in Florida with his grandma and grandpa and his great nana. We went and saw Toy Story 3 - cute movie!
I forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures of his birthday- argggghh

Then all of us drove back to Georgia and had his baptism. Poor Nana Pat fell the day before we left and she was still willing to come even though her hip and elbow were pretty sore. She's so amazing she still played the piano for us at the baptism.

Cade had his brother give the talk on baptism and his cousin Connor spoke on the Holy Ghost. They both did a really good job. It was very nice. We love you so much Cade.

Father's Day

Chris got a special treat for Father's Day. Not by me- mine was a flop.
We got a call the day before Father's Day from a lady in our ward. She was assigned to speak in Church and was wondering if she could come over and ask our kids some questions.
She (Kathryn) pulled the kids one by one and asked them a few questions about their dad and thanked us and left. We were a little curious to see what we would hear the next day, but hadn't thought about it for to long.
Sunday came. (way to early in the morning, we have to leave the house at 8am)
It was Kathryn's turn to speak and she started off with saying how she had interviewed some families in the ward, see if you can guess which family it is.
Then she preceded to tell us the questions she asked the kids and their response. It was the sweetest thing and immediately brought tears to Chris' eyes when he recognized the responses of his children.
After sacrament she gave us a typed up paper of their responses to keep. Here's some of them
CJ - 10
What's great about your dad?: He's a hard-working dad. He just got back from Arkansas for a week and he worked that hard for us and when he's not working he's always with us.

Does your dad have any special privileges?: At the dinner table, there's this chair that's the biggest and you can see everything. That's his. And he serves everyone.

How is your dad different from other dads?: He's fun to be with and he makes sure everyone gets a turn and has fun.

Cade - 7
Is your dad your hero?: Yes, he lets me play my fave. videos games and wrestles with me. He's gonna baptize me!

How does your dad set a good example for your baptism?: He let me choose the program.

What do enjoy doing with your dad?: Wrestling, great big hugs, getting on his back and He remembers turns.

Does your dad get any special priviledges?: He gets free time

Macey - 5

What's great about your dad?: I just love him

How does your dad set a good example for you?: He works for us, we really like that. He gives us great big hugs.

What do you enjoy doing with your dad?: He plays with me, he watches movies with me.

How is your dad different from other dads?: He's so silly. He's funny. He makes me laugh.