Tuesday, August 26, 2008

GO C.J. !!

CJ had a football scrimmage game last weekend. The kids played against several teams for 10 mins each. Chris is helping out on the team this year and got a front row seat of
CJ's AWESOME TACKLE! I of course missed it because I was in a bad spot and had 3 kids all sitting on my lap complaining of different things. I put my head down to talk to one of them just for a second and all of a sudden the parents started to yell and cheer, I looked up but was blocked by people and then I heard several parents yelling "THAT WAS CURBY!". My friend said it was such a good tackle you could hear CJ's hit.
It was quite a proud moment for dad, a bummer for me and I'm sure a good confidence boost for CJ. Hopefully I'll get to see one by the time the season is over. CJ is starting to get the hang of the game and is enjoying it more this year. We love you CJ


Lauren & Shaun said...

YEAH C.J.! That's so cool! We're proud of you!