Sunday, June 28, 2009

Venting Session

It is 11pm right now and I'm irked. Just as I was about to jump into bed I had to grab one thing out of the guest bedroom. As I walked in there I noticed Cade's hooded jacket lying on the floor around in the corner. Okay that was the last straw. I have been asking him for 2 days to pick it up and take it to his room, instead he hides it in the guest bedroom, wadded up in the corner. We had the kids clean up a room they trashed earlier and as I was walking around doing my nightly routine I kept noticing items that I had asked them to put away were NOT put away but hidden in some corner, under some bed, in some dirty laundry basket. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? And what really cracks me up is, more than half the time they to go the same distance or even further to hide it then if they had just put the item where it belonged. AAAGGGHHH okay I feel better now. I'm going to bed

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Crash (CJ named it)
I think Chris had a good Father's Day. He got a good breakfast and had steak and salmon for dinner. He was pretty excited about that. Steak is a rare thing around here.
At church all the men were given a tie colored by the primary and a snickers candy bar. That went over pretty good with them.
Here's a picture of the kids with dad holding up the plate they made for him.
And here's a picture a few seconds after I took the first picture of it in a hundred pieces. I guess Mason didn't relize it was glass and he had to be careful with it, because as soon as I took the picture he just dropped it as if it was a ball. Shattered right at Chris' feet. sigh..... oh well. HAPPY FATHERS DAY CHRIS.
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Friday, June 12, 2009

Our trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden!

Ali and I braved it out and made a trip to the Botanical Garden. It was neat, I had a really good time. I would love to go again. I am so glad Ali came with me, she had been there before and knew the way. I would have definately gotten lost. We were a little worried with both of us having a new born and then the six you see here.
I love looking at those glass art pieces, they are so cool looking.
They loved sticking their hands in the water, We could have sat there forever just letting them put their hands in the water, oh and coins too gotta have coins. I didn't have any thank heaven Ali did. Macey, Porter, Mason and Boston.
They had a beautiful wall of orchids. Here's proof I was there!
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Just a cool looking flower

This plant was really cool looking, I wish I had gotten a closer picture. If you look close the stems of the leaves are tiger striped. The plant right below had awesome leaves. They actually looked and had the touch of velvet.
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Porter, Mason, Boston, Macey, CJ, and Cade
This palm leaf was huge, the picture doesn't do it justice
That was so cute to turn around and see them holding hands .
Madolin was such a trooper, she was an absolute angel and didn't fuss at all. She was worn out.
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Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm so excited! I just found out that the sequel to the book "The Hunger Games" will be coming out this Sept. I can't wait!!! As you can see it's called Catching Fire. I just hope it's not like a four book series. I hate waiting for each book. I'm doing my little happy jiggy dance!!! yay can't wait.

See this old chair. I had two of them and about a 18 months ago I tried my hand at reupholstery (sp ?) I thought it turned out not to bad for my first try.
Here's my finished product. I even put on a cute little button. (It was hard just to do one button)
Now look and see what my son just did to them yesterday. With permanent orange marker.
He couldn't just stick to one chair he had to do both and the little stinker even ripped the button off. ha ha ah
I'm laughing as my eye and cheek are twitching and I'm holding my hands together so I don't reach over strangle the kid.
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

slip n slide

My friend Ali came over with her kidos so we pulled out the slip n slide to keep them busy.

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A First for my babies

Madolin found her fingers. It has saved me a couple of times now, since I can't get her to take a binkie. We were in the doctors office with one of my other children and she was screaming because she was soooo tired and just wanted her bed. First she started sucking on her chubby wrist and then eventually found her two fingers. This is a first for any of my kids to suck on their fingers. She looks a little freaky in this picture, usually it's very cute.
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Productive Day!

I'm proud of myself I had a very productive day yesturday with the kids. I got myself ready for the day, did the dishes and just went outside to water the garden. Next thing I know I've got the lawn mower out and I'm teaching the boys how to mow the lawn. Cade could hardly push the thing so I had to walk with him. We found a turtle while mowing. Also raked and spread out grass seed on several sparse areas in the yard and watered.
Then it was time to feed the baby. After that I sat down with the kids and had them do schoolwork. They weren't so trilled about that. I got my menu and grocery list all written out, while they worked.
Let's see, then Mason wanted to play catch. It's so cute how excited he gets. When I told him yes. He runs out to the garage and grabs his glove and ball and then comes back in and says I have to have one. So then he's on a mission trying to find a glove for me. We just played in the family room, but I felt good spending time with him.
Got several loads of laundry done and folded and fed the baby throughout the day.
Then in the afternoon we set up the slip and slide outside for the kids and they had a blast doing that.
That's about it for my day. Dad was on his way home. He got dinner for the kids and I crashed on the couch for the rest of the night.