Thursday, August 21, 2008


Macey had to get shots yesterday. I was so proud of her she did so well. In order to start preschool she had to get 2 shots, and later it ended up being 3. I told her she was going to see the doctor and she looked up and said but they might poke me. I couldn't lie and say no they weren't so I told her they might, and if they do then I'll get you a big cup of ice cream. She was okay with that. I couldn't believe how brave she was. She didn't want to lay down so she sat up and just held my hand and actually watched them give her the shot and then she would look at me and I would tell her it's okay it'll only hurt a second. Then she turned back and watched the second one, didn't say a word, or flinch and looked at me again. The third one is the one that got to me. She watched again as they stuck the needle in but the actual medicine was stinging and hurt and she looked at me trying so hard not to pout and her eyes started to fill up with water and her chin was shaking, but she still didn't cry out or say a thing, she just held my hand. I couldn't believe it. I had Mason asleep on my shoulder, so I couldn't even hold her. I wished I was WONDER WOMAN and strong enough to hold and carry them both.


Lauren & Shaun said...

Ohhh that breaks my heart! I wouldn't have been so strong, I would have started crying just because of Macy's expression. You're a great mom! Tell Macy she is a strong girl and we love her!

Ashley&Sean said...

my eyes got all teared up just reading it. i guess its b/c I JUST got emmery her 2nd set of shots within a month period or so and it all was fresh in my mind. thats six shots in about a 1 1/2 months. Its horrible. My poor poor baby, i hate seeing her cry so hard that she struggles to breath and her face gets so red. It just awful...hopfully i'll be stronger as she gets older b/c i can't bare it anymore than she can. I feel for ya britt.