Saturday, April 17, 2010

My kids are growing up. :(

I revamped these cute pair of flip flops with ribbons and stuff. (I totally stole this idea) They came out so cute! Macey wanted to do her flip flops too! When we were finished I excitedly told her that I had extra ribbon and I could make a pair for me so we would match. Her reply was uummm NO. I asked her why not. She said I want to be different.

Then that night Chris had taken the kids to the dollar store while I had the Beehives over for a movie night and Chris tells me CJ's choice of toy was not a toy but cologne.

What in the world is going on?

Monday, April 12, 2010

And they're out!

Chris and I have been wanting to take out two trees in our front yard for a couple years and finally got it done....with some help. Yeah! The roots were coming up all over the front yard even busted our lawn mower. Yay and no more leaves, they dropped a ton of leaves in Autumn. We had the whole family out there working and loading up wood. A friend in our church chopped them down for us. I didn't know or really think it through that he would have to climb the tree. Man that made me nervous. He is such a good guy and sure did appreciate his help. Here's some pics, sorry they're not in order.

He got even higher in that tree, past those bottom three branches and he wasn't tied on to anything. He was up there sawing with one had and the other holding onto the tree. Scary huh?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cade's Market Day was a success! He sold out! It's so fun as a parent to see your child come home so happy and proud of himself.

Funny story about Macey:

There was a knock at the door and Macey answered it. It was one of CJ's friends down the street asking for CJ to play with him. CJ however was playing with another child in the neighborhood already and so Macey began to tell him that he was already playing and then she started to stutter and fumble and just finished real quick with who CJ was playing with. After the little boy left she shut the door and sung out aaaaawwkwaaaard and giggled. (She felt bad for telling the boy that CJ was with his other friend.) It caught me so off guard I bust out laughing. Chris and I had a good laugh when I told him.