Monday, September 29, 2008

A funny "Grandpa" story!

This happened while they were staying with us. Sunday morning was a little crazy and hectic trying to get the kids all showered and out the door by 10:30 and Dad had a headache as well, but we did it and headed off to church. During church Dad (Kelly) starts nodding off to sleep about halfway through sacrament and is really struggling, there was a beautiful musical number that woke him a little, but then he started drifting again. Finally sacrament ends and Chris takes Dad and Mom to Sunday School and Nana came with me to Primary. Chris thought Dad would be really interested in this since he is also the Sunday school teacher. Chris said he was really surprised when Dad just slept through the whole thing. Mom said he started to even snore a couple times and had to elbow him. Church is finally over we all loaded up in the car. As we were driving home Dad mentions how he is really tired and had a hard time staying awake at church and he asked Nana what she had given him for his headache. She replied Tylenol PM. I said "Dad no wonder!" he asked "what's Tylenol PM". And Nana said it's Tylenol you can take at night. I added " Tylenol PM is supposed to knock you out and put you to sleep." Dad replied well no wonder! I couldn't keep my eyes open and I even took a double dose. I am sooooo tired. And here's Vona giving me the elbow and it wasn't my fault."
We laughed the whole way home and poor Dad got to go upstairs and take a good nap.

CJ's special "Baptism" day!!

I forget you have to enter entries in backwards when the're continued so you'll have to scroll down for the first part.
Can you believe how big the Weeks boys are getting. They were all so willing to help, Connor and Tanner had to give prayers and Tyler gave the talk on Baptism. He did a good job, I think it will be memorable for CJ that Tyler spoke at his baptism.
Auntie gave a wonderful talk on the Holy Ghost. Doesn't she look beautiful.

Chris and I were so full of gratitude for being able to have family there from both sides. I know it was hard for Chris and CJ to wait. Chris was so eager to baptize his first son. I sure do appreciate his sacrifice and then to ask Grandpa to see if he would like to confirm CJ knowing it would be special for my dad was just so thoughtful. Love you babe. It was such a great experience.

Dad, CJ and Bishop Black

(Neat Story) After Dad and CJ finished the baptism in the font and were in the dressing room changing... Chris tells the following story. We were getting ready to dry off and CJ was shivering waiting for me to give him his towell. I said, are you freezing son? and he said "yeah but Dad, I'm all wet and shaking freezing cold..... but inside my chest it feels all warm and kinda like on fire". I was able to tell him that what he was feeling was the Holy Ghost. He had the most beautiful happy smile I had ever seen on his face and he looked so angelic. It was a sweet special moment for just Father and Son. I love you CJ! DAD.Posted by Picasa

CJ's Baptism

What a great weekend! My parents drove in with my Nana Pat on Friday and had a nice dinner together and got to visit. Saturday we all loaded up and went down to the football field for CJ's game. We got a T-shirt for Dad with CJ's whole team and their numbers on the back. CJ had an awesome game and we won! Mom got some great pictures at the football game. Then we got an hour or so to rest and then off to the church for the Baptism. I love CJ's little quirky shy smiles.
I love this picture because of our hands and how CJ is holding onto them. I can't believe I didn't notice those bangs in my eye.

It was so nice having mom and Nana here to help me with the kids and we even squeezed in time to work with the kids and had them do a musical number. They were so cute up there singing.
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

CJ is loving scouts

I can't believe my boy is big enough to be going to scouts. He is having so much fun and thinks it is sooo cool that they have a "special" handshake.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our busy Labor Day Weekend!

We had an exciting weekend. First it started with getting run off the road. (scroll down for that) Then Sunday I spoke in church and you know how terrified I get, remember I'm the one that put my head down & started crying right in the middle of my presentation for my speech class in HIGHSCHOOL, ya just a little embarressing. It went well though, I had lots of help.
Monday we were invited by some of Cathleen and Tony's friends to go along with them to the lake. We had a blast. Of course I didn't take near as many pictures as I would have liked and as you can see our camera is on it's last leg, so a lot of the pictures are blurry.

Tony, Connor and Tanner
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Cute boy. He was so good about keeping that jacket on. Mason just loved sitting there feeling the breeze as we rode along.
This is Susan, Cathleens good friend. It was very nice of them to invite us along.
Tony, Cathleen and me! Man those things are fun! Thanks for taking me out Tony and Cathleen, everyone was a little worried for me to get on, no one wants to see a preggy woman fall off and go skipping across the water. ha ha ha
I'm so bummed this one didn't come out better. That's CJ and Cade on back.
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Saturday the family all loaded up to go visit the Weeks for a little while. On the way there we were run off the road. A lady started to pull out of a road on Chris' side and made a left right in front of us to head the same direction. We would have hit her if Chris had not pulled off the road. We drove into this small ditch at the top picture and you can see right before the paved driveway there is a chunk of grass missing, we hit that with the bottom of our car and flew into the air over the driveway and landed on the other side.
Chris did a good job if he had pulled off any later or swerved left or right anymore, we would have ran into the mailbox or those two small trees. You can see the chunk of grass missing on the other side of driveway. That's our landing. We got some KILLER AIR!

We thought we blew out our tires because the bottom of our car dragged along the grass for awhile there, but the car seemed to be okay. We are getting the suspension checked just incase. The kids were all buckled and a little scared at first but all okay. CJ right in the middle of it just as we hit the driveway yelled at dad angry like, we thought that was kind of funny, we had to explain to him afterwards we didn't do that on purpose the other car forced us to. Thank Heaven we are all fine and so glad that we didn't hit anything, those moments are so stressful.

I forgot to mention, the lady did pull over and checked on us, she was an older lady and just didn't see us somehow. At first I was the one really mad and yelling in the car "how could they not see us" and Chris very nicely told me to calm down. I was impressed that he was holding his composure so well.

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