Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Help Needed

I'm looking for some ideas. I'll explain first though.

For the last 3 years in this ward it has been the Bishopric that get some special gift for the women on Mother's Day. Twice we've gotten really nice church music cd's. (It's late excuse my weird writing) Back to the story...... When it came to Father's Day nothing was done because of course the Bishopric isn't going to do it for themselves and none of the other auxillaries have volunteered to do it. I will feel terrible if that happens again. I'm the Primary Secretary so I thought maybe we could have the kids make something or do something. So I am looking for very, very simple ideas as to what we could give to our Fathers. For example.... I remember one time the kids all colored ties and put yarn around them so they could wear them and it had a cute poem on the back, but I don't know the poem. Please please if you can think of any cute ideas let me know or a site to find cute ideas.


Monday, April 20, 2009

My Latest Read

I really enjoyed this book and it was quite fitting for just celebrating Easter. If you don't know anything about this book, the author took the real story and then added to it by giving them personalities and filling in the blanks since the scriptures don't give much detail. Yes it is fiction, but I loved it because it made them seem so much more real to me and really opened my eyes to all their struggles even though it was such an honor to be chosen to be the parents of the son of God. Loved it!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Madolin's Easter Dress.

I had so much fun getting Madolin ready Sunday morning! I love this dress. She's so precious.
I could not get her to look at me though.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Morning

I don't have any pictures, just a journal entry of how my Easter Morning went.
One thing that I love about my hubby is that he loves to play Trivia games, watch trivia based shows and give trivia games. In fact our favorite show right now is called "Cash Cab" it's this cab that drives around New York and asks people trivia questions as it drives them to their destination, if they answer correctly they earn money.
So Easter Morning Chris decided he was going to play with the kids and ask them questions all about Easter and what it is all about. The questions started out easy and they would so excitedely raise their hand, bouncing up and down hoping dad would call on them. It was soooo cute to watch. Then the questions started getting a little harder and Chris would give hints or they would run to me to whisper in their ear. Finally Chris came up with the question, name the 12 original Apostles. Silence. uhhh I don't know. I came up with two, that's a little embarressing. Chris couldn't name off all 12 either, made me feel a little better. Chris went and looked it up online and then we sat around trying to learn and memorize the 12 apostles. It was lots of fun. For example one name is Bartholemew (spelling ?) and we were coming up with different ways to help the kids remember how to say it. ie. what sound does a cow make. I really enjoyed our Easter Morning, it made an impression on me.

I think I enjoyed it so much because it is something I would never think to do with my kids, I just don't think that way. Makes me think of the whole YingYang. Because Chris and I are quite different it can be a struggle sometimes but then I see something like this happen and I am so glad that we are different and he has qualities that I lack and hopefully our children will be more well rounded because of it. Hope that makes sense. As I am writing I'm still trying to figure out what exactly I'm feeling.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

To all my friends and family in Arizona...

It is April 7 (i think)11:20 am and I was just updating my blog when I turned around and looked out the window and saw little snow flurries. How bizarre is that? I have lived here for 3 1/2 yrs now and the weather still is amazing to me. To have such cold weather in April just blows my mind.

New Hair Do!

I decided to go short for the Summer! Having 5 kids sucked all the nutrients out of my hair. It was frizzy, dry and no shine to it. Looked like a rats nest if you ask me. So off it went!
It sure is nice and easy to get ready in the morning.
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Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh no another Fundraiser

Usually I say NO to all school fundraisers and I was not happy when my kids came home totally PUMPED with a CD around their neck for parents to watch!!....OH JOY
But they made it so cute and fun for the kids, I couldn't say no. The kids have to call for pledges for a dollar amount for how many laps they run. And they send home a little script they can read. It's called the the Boosterthon Run and they try and get pledges from all the states. So yes Poor Grandpa Vining, Nana and Aunt Lin all got calls.
Cade took it real seriously we could hardly get him to look at us.
They make it quite fun for the kids and encourage parents to come out and cheer them on. They have the music playing loud as they run and Boosterthon people there to pump the kids up and do different activities as they run. I have to say it was cute.
Chris finally got a high 5 from Cade as he was coming around the track!
The last lap the parents get to walk with their kids.
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Here's CJ's run

They have the kids do different things on laps. This was find a friend and put your arm around them.
The Boosterthon People did a good job staying pumped and keeping everybody else pumped. This guy was using the flag as a guitar.
Love that stride. GO! CJ GO!
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