Monday, February 4, 2008

HI ALL!!!! Chris surprised me for my 30! birthday by going horseback riding!!! We had a good time! I'm feeling it in my butt and thighs this morning that's for sure.

My horse "Sundance" kept stopping and eating the grass. I had to keep kicking her and trying to pull her head up. Man those are strong animals. We got to trot for awhile, that is fun - and painful. I think Chris had a good time too. His horse was going down this hill and started going pretty fast and at the end of the hill the trail turned and if you didn't turn you ran into a tree. I saw fear in his eyes for a few seconds there trying to get his horse to slow down. He says he had it under control and there was no fear- ya right.
Afterwards we went home, got cleaned up and Chris took me to dinner where all my friends were there to surprise me!!!! I couldn't believe how many people came. I think there was 10 couples plus us. We took up one whole corner of the restaurant! I felt so loved!!! I had an awesome birthday. I got lots of phones calls and cards. Thank you so much everyone.
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