Thursday, July 17, 2008

Books, Books, Books, I love to read!!!

I just read a couple awesome books. So I thought I would share.
First is: "A Heart Like His" by Virginia Pearce this is a church book that my friend Ali lent to me and I just absolutely loved it. I told her I hope you don't mind but just about every two pages I have the corner folded down because of some great meaningful line.
Second is: "These Is My Words" by Nancy E. Turner This is just a fictional book that Cathleen said she liked. I really enjoyed it. It's kind of written in journal style and its just a story of this girls life. This book had everything I laughed and cried in this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and she already wrote a second and third book to follow the same character!!!!!! Mom I think you would especially like this one.


Lauren & Shaun said...

Did I tell you I like the new background! It looks really nice!