Saturday, May 31, 2008

For Memorial Day we got together with our usual friends, one family was missing. We got together at our friends Neighborhood clubhouse/pool. We had a good time. Macey was in that little car almost the entire time.
CJ had a blast swimming all over the pool with his friends and getting thrown in the air by Kelly Mendenhall.
Cade on the other hand was quite content to watch and eat and dabble his feet in, but that was about it. I'm really hoping I can get down to Nana's this summer and get him in the pool everyday so he can finally learn to swim.
Mason loved it all, water and food what can be better than that for an 18th month old. He started nursery last week.. Halleluah!!!! Although I really can't complain with my calling it has been Chris that keeps him all through church. Hope you all had a great Holiday.
I did want to say one more thing about how neat it was to go to church and see all the men in our church who are or had been in the armed forces and see them in their suits. We had a marine, an army ranger, two air force and we just had two brothers come home. One of the young husband just came back for two weeks then he has to go back until Christmas. He flies these huge double propeller helicopters that carry tanks and hummers and he was in his pilot suit. I've gotten to know his wife and to hear her stories and the conditions and to see how hard it has been for her husband to be gone. I sat there in Sacrament meeting looking around at them all and really got quite choked up with gratitude and how lucky I am to have the blessings I have and to live in this country. How truly blessed I am. Love you all very much.
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Here's our good friends the Mendenhalls. Ali has been such a good friend to me, she's lots of fun to hang out with. We love sharing and doing craft projects and borrowing each others books

This is Jenny Woods and Ashley Finlinson. We like to get together with them as families, they are both hilarious.
The guy in the middle is Ashley Finlinson's husband and then Kelly Mendenhall on the left.
And of course this is the only picture I get of Chris and I and this is the face he makes.......What a Big Terd he is.
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We took this the last week of baseball season. We had a game almost everynight that week between CJ and Cade. We came down the stairs to go to the game and this is how we found Cade. Poor kid do ya think he was just a little tired.
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