Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Night at the Museum!!!

Chris discovered this event going on and thought it might be fun for our family. It was a blast! Downtown Kennesaw Museum ran a "Night at the Southern Museum".
It was so cool, having all these different characters coming to life and talking to the children. They met a lot of historical characters and got to interact with them. We got held up by a mobster, sniffed by cavemen, given stolen treasure, put in jail, Signed up for war. (CJ chose the south and Cade chose the North.) Macey played poker, CJ danced a jig and many more things. I got a lot of pictures but, still I missed a bunch of them. Some of the ones we didn't get a picture with was: Albert Einstein, Atila the Hun, cavemen, Abe Lincoln, Pirates and a few more. Here's a bunch of other pictures. Enjoy. He was a cute Roman soldier. ha ha

Colonel Mustard. He was looking for Sackajuweha. I have no idea if I spelt that right.
Storm troopers and bat mobile.

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Loric said...

Oh-I soooo want to go!! That's looks absolutely FUN!!! I'm sure your kids will be talking about that night for an awful LONG time.

Vintage Vinings said...

Wow! That "Night At The Museum
looked like a fantastic event!!
Great pictures with the characters
and kids & cars!!! I'm impressed,
so I know a kid would be too!!!!
Fun! Fun! Fun!