Saturday, December 20, 2008

Idea stolen from Aunt Randi

My Aunt Randi, who is a funny lady - love her
had on her site her very own bucket list. I thought it was neat to see what she wrote. So I thought I would write down some of my own. Although it's sad to say, but I have never been a dreamer (not good at making goals) that way. I thought of a couple and I have taken on some of my husband's wishes as well.

In no particular order:

Take a Nauvoo tour - husbands
Learn to do carpentry work. ie: build an island for my kitchen or a desk.
Do an Alaskan cruise - husbands
Be able to move all my family out to Georgia- the weather is so much nicer
Learn to play piano
See a space shuttle launch- husbands
Have family get together in one big huge cabin or condo on beach.
Go to amusement park
Go on shopping spree and not worry about money


Carrie Kay said...

Those all sound good to me. I like that idea. A friend of mine does a "vision board" where she puts pictures and different things of the things she wants to do or accomplish. She says by looking at it everyday, these dreams start to actually happen.

RandiSue said...

Well, it wasn't my idea, I stole it from Morgan Freeman.
Have you seen the movie, Bucket List, if not, add that to your list.

the little Vinings ; ) said...

I have a few friends that do Vision or Dream boards... they work well for them in making their dreams come true! Plus Morgan Freeman did have a great idea, my mom threw a "bucket list party" this summer and had a fun time with everyone's list and borrowing ideas from others for their own bucket lists!

I do love your bucket list, it is so much fun to see what other's think of.