Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Mason!!!

Mason turned two Dec. 8th. If Tatum had come a few hours later they could have shared the same birthday! (sister's baby came day before) Congratulations Julie and Brent. We are thinking of you. Wish I could hold that tiny little girl of yours.
Here's Mason singing Happy Birthday along with us.
He was thinking hard on how to get that open.
And only a week later the toy is already lost, oh well it was a loud toy and he enjoyed it while it lasted. Hopefully it'll show up again.
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Luvs :o) said...

Oh darn it! i was wondering why i couldn't find his name on the bday list. I'll have to add him and Tatum. Well tell him Happy Birthday from the Flemings!

the little Vinings ; ) said...

Yeah Happy Birthday little man Mason! Looks like you had a great one!