Friday, October 10, 2008

We are having a GIRL!!!

We are soooo excited to be having a girl! The whole family is!

We had asked the children what they were hoping for and surprised to hear that they were all hoping for a sister. We thought the boys would want a brother so we asked them why they said a sister and they both replied so Macey will quit trying to play our "boy games" with us. Poor girl she does need a sister. I know they say girls are so emotional and too much, but I feel it's more important for Macey to learn to SHARE, her stuff, her girly toys, bows, clothles etc. Plus I love my sisters and the relationships I have with them. I also feel it will help her as an adult to have to learn to get along with all these different personalities in the family. Hopefully my children will be able to get along with people, co-workers, friends etc.
I make it sound like I wanted this from the very beginning, but that was not the case. Even though I wanted this for Macey and my family, I just could not get past the thought that I am not a person who can handle five children. I am a scatterbrain and an airhead and I don't delegate well, meaning my house is always a mess, because I haven't trained and made charts with the kids like the good moms do. How am I going to keep a functioning household and stay on top of all the school projects and sports events and stay within a tight budget with this economy. Scary stuff huh. Fortunetly I have a husband who's willing to show a little bit more faith than I am.


Luvs :o) said...

Hey brit, Sry I get so side tracked with chores and the "to do" list...I need to call you soon. Ya know, I have learned alot of good tips from that TV show "super Nanny" about all kinds of things(running a household)...see if u can get ahold of some of their episodes. I know I can't beleive you are going onto no. 5! ah! 4 is it for me. we'll see. Love ya.

Lauren and Shaun said...

You are such a super mom! It takes a very special person to be a mom, let alone do that multiple times! You are one who has it all figured out too, I know that you doubt yourself... but don't! You are so good at being involved in your kids lives, getting them involved in things outside of school, and you are in touch with them and their personalities! You are just being hard on yourself and your amazing skills! Beleive me when I say, no one has their dishes done, home picked up, laundry cleaned, folded and put away, and can still call themselves intuned and involved with their kids! Everyone great mom I know... only has that stuff done when someone is coming over, NOT all the time!

You are going to be, yet again, an amazing mom! And your sweet little girl is going to be soooo cute! I think all your kids are so cute... Ohh, so I hope you like the brown and pink combo I am having fun picking stuff out and getting ready to start sewing!

Carrie Kay said...

You are a wonderful mother. Don't sell yourself short. You will be so blessed. I am happy for you!