Friday, October 31, 2008

Trade Show

My good friend Ali decided to try and do a trade show with her little business. She had been talking about doing it for awhile and I thought it would be lots of fun to help. We had a good time trying to make all the crafts and getting everything ready. I have to say I think her booth was the cutest there. Vinyl is still kind of new out here so there wasn't anything like it at the trade show.

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Loric said...

She does great work! Beautiful display. Wish I was there. I would have bought something. :)

Lauren and Shaun said...

Fun! she has a lot of sute things! I love these types of shows, I also get into to much trouble at them!

speaking of which I still haven't sent you the info in the photo blocks that I did, I guess julie told you about them...

1. 4x4 lubmber cut into a 4x4x4 cube, I have 4 total cubes but I wish I would have made an odd number for decorating purposes (stacking)
2. Sand and Paint cubes to match decore, I used black and red. Keep it simple though.
3. Develope family pics, as a 4x6. You'll need 4 for each block, one pic on each side. You can do the top and bottom, but you can't stack them if you do. I would also suggest developing as a sepia or b&w, also cut down pic to 3.5x3.5 so you'll have a color border.
4. Mod Podge with high gloss top, sides, and let dry!

Kukustweety said...

What a beautiful pregnant person you are. And so very creative

Ross Family said...

Wow. How fun. I can see you totally involved in all of that stuff and I bet your house is gorgeous!!!