Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This is my latest read! It was my reward to myself for finishing writing the Primary Program. (Yessss it's Done) It is the sequel to the Hunger Games. I loved it, stayed up until 2:30 in the morning reading until Maddie K woke up ready to eat. Although it is the second book in a trilogy and now I have to wait another year until the next one comes out. uugghhh I don't like that.

update: The family is doing well. I'm looking in to having Macey's speech evaluated.
CJ started up football again. We're trying to figure out what Cade would like to do for a sport. Mason is a mess making fool. Maddie just learned to sit up and has the sweetest smile. Chris' employers are trying hard to win some bids so keep us in your prayers and I'm doing loads and loads and loads of laundry it is fuuuunn stuff!


aezra noell said...

okay britt, i think you're making want to read again. I am so proud of you for reading. its a good example to me. I love you sissie! kisses and hugs!

Carrie Kay said...

I love that song! "tonight's gonna be a good night." Anyway, you deserve a new book. Somehow I have escaped writing the primary program after spending much time in primary. I guess they didn't trust me! :) Keep up the laundry, your in good company. I would love to wash and fold all those little cute clothes.

Vintage Vinings said...

Congratulations on getting your
Primary Program written!!! Brings
back memories of when I wrote our
Primary Program, I was one of the
first to have to write our own &
not have one given to us from the
Church leaders. I remember thinking
wow! what is this???? I felt like I was going back to college!!!! but I
did it!! When I have something that
seems hard to do or a task that seems overwhelming or I just feel
like dragging my feet at starting,
I think of something I want or
something I want to do then tackle
the(monster) task so I can have it!!! (In the olden days they used
to dangle carrots infront of animals in order to get them to go, hence the saying!!!! Works
pretty good!! I've been a councilor
in primary three times so it was
bound to happen to have me write
one of the times.
Now I'm curious about your books??
I've been reading too, will post