Saturday, February 14, 2009

My almost finished bathroom!

This is my master bathroom that I have painted at least 4 times! I love the color I ended with and am quite excited with the finished project! My friend Ali helped me out a lot, it was fun going to Hobby Lobby and picking out stuff and having a second opinion. I'm a little worried that I put up too many stencils, but I think if I get a few more things to go on the walls it will balance out.

I wish I could do those virtual tours so you could see the whole thing but it's just a small bathroom, this is facing the opposite way. That was a little scary climbing the ladder and getting those stencils painted on, that is high up there.
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Carrie Kay said...

I love the color and the stencils look great. Beautiful bathroom!

Luvs :o) said...

oh man i have been diggin that color lately along with pale blue and aqua...oh and teal...btw, whats the name of that color you used..where'd you get it from. I might just steal it and of course credit you if i use it in my future home. i love that color because its very calming and feels refreshed ya know wht im saying? it looks great...i am just loving that stencil...who'd a thunk how great that it actuallly met or exceeded your expectations? you go girl.ugh, i love it!

Vintage Vinings said...

WoW! Brittney, you really did get
wound up!! Love all the projects!
I didn't realize you were such
a great seamstres! Clever girl!
It looks great! And Macey looks
so cute beside the doll model!
And my favorite project is your
bathroom!! Honestly those are
just the colors I told Lauren I
wanted to redo my bedroom in the
day we celebrated her birtday at
Claim Jumper, we went to Hobby
Lobby's afterwards & were discussing decorating ideas. Only
I was thinking more of bedspreads
I'd seen & towels & rugs & decor
pieces. I liked the light teale
with brown accents. Anyway, so
I was rather surprized when I saw
your colors! Your bathroom looks
great! Love it!!! Only I'm glad
your done with the ladders girl!!!!

Loric said...

I LOVE the color! Would you come do mine? (Just kidding) Can't believe you did all of that 9 months pregnant.

the little Vinings ; ) said...

SUPER SUPER CUTE! I love it! You'd think a designer did it!