Sunday, June 22, 2008


Last year was the first year our family tried to have a little garden. The kids were excited to do it again this year. Lately with fruit getting so expensive, I've been telling Chris. I didn't relize how lucky I was as a kid. We could walk out our backyard and have plenty of fruits to choose from. Peaches, apricots, plums, blackberries, oranges and grapefruit. I think even at one time dad had two almond trees. Those were the days. Thanks dad and mom for growing all that.
I was over at a friends house and happened to notice she had a tree with some kind of fruit on it. It was an apple tree! I guess apples do well here. I talked to Chris and we decided we were going to start off with an apple tree and grow ourselves our own garden of Eden in the back yard! We told the kids and hopped in the car to go get us an apple tree!!! When we got down to the nursery we were a little bummed to hear the lady suggest to wait until winter. So instead we went to Sam's Club and sampled all the food and had hotdogs and pretzels. Here's our little garden for now, next year I think I'll try and expand. The fence is because we have a rabbit problem. If you ask Macey she'll say " Stupid rabbit ate our garden". He got in again this year and ate some carrot leaves and my brocolli and cantaloupe plants - not too happy about that. Jim you got any suggestions on how to get rid of a couple rabbits? It ate my violets too that I brought back from Nana's that I had planted in my flower bed. Stupid rabbit!
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Shaun & Lauren said...

I miss having a garden. I think that you all will have much succes! Our yard has to much sun... and good luck with the rabbit (try a paintball gun!)!

FlemingClique said...

Hey brit! I am so proud of you and that you started your own garden. I have been telling sean for some time now that i can't wait till we get a backyard so that i can start my own garden like lori and plant trees. Sean and I are going to check out this house a few miles east from here. Its supposed to be big and on a 3rd of an acre! hope we get it!

LCrook said...

I'm way impressed with you guys! I love, love, love your garden! And Macey's comment-so cute. How fun to have an apple tree, the idea is so novel to us Arizonans.