Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cade turned 6 on the 24th

I can't believe Cade is six already. What a cute little boy. He was quite excited when the day finally came. The day before he was telling me that he wanted a chocolate cake with white frosting and for dinner he wanted corn dogs.
We started this little tradition. We start off the celebration with the birthday kid running in through the streamers! They love it.

That was Chris' idea to do the kiss on the cheek. He is so much more loving and thoughtful than I am. I love this picture, Cade looks so sweet and precious. It's a keeper.
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Shaun & Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Cade! It looks like you had a great birthday!

Vona said...

What a cute fun tradition you have
started, running through the streamers!! Where did you get that
idea? Makes me want to try it!
What fun!! Especially for a kid!

Also loved, loved the picture of
you both kissing Cade!!!!! He
looked sooooo loved & he is just
beaming!!!! That truly is a precious picture!!!

FlemingClique said...

I am glad you have started your own little family tradition. Feels good when you come up with something on your own to enjoy with you family. I love you and miss you alot. One of these days maybe next summer we'll fly out and see ya!

LCrook said...

Happy Birthday Cade!!! Sorry we missed it. How cute is he? I love that tradition, what a great idea! The pictures are way cute of you guys.

Ryan said...

seriously your little family is adorable! These pictures from Cade's bday turned out great! we love you guys!