Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My son Cade loves choc. milk (just like his dad) and he decided to be a sweety and offer to make everyone chocolate milk last night. As we were all sitting there drinking milk with our straws, (Straws are a big thing over here. Ya gotta have a straw with choc. milk.) Someone let Maddie K try their's - she loved it! Then she kept going to everyone hitting them and squaking wanting another sip. It was so dang cute. Finally we just decided to make her a bottle of it! OMG! She was in hog heaven. I wish I could explain how cute it was. She plopped down to sit with the rest of us and squealed and smiled, legs kicking, drinking her chocolate milk (imagine that being said like Bill Cosby) "Dad is great, gives me chocolate cake(milk)!" Do you remember that episode? I still go around singing that. Anyways it was really a sweet moment. We tried to get a picture of Maddie guzzling down her chocolate milk(say it like Bill Cosby would) in her bottle, but everytime she saw chris hold up is phone ,to take a pic., she'd take it out.

I gotta tell you this story about Cade and straws.
We had been invited over to some friends house, I can't remember the details but Cade had some sort of drink that was special enough, he thought it required a straw. He asked Ms. Jenny if he could please have a straw. Sadly she replied I'm sorry we don't have any. Cade kind of put his head down and paused for a minute and looked up at her and said something like "Okay, but next time you go to the store, do you think you could get some straws" Ms Jenny thought it was so funny and told him okay.


Erna said...

My girls have straws with almost every drink. I definitely help keep the straw company in business. :)

aezra noell said...

awe that is darling. you too Cade!

Carrie Kay said...

I wish I could have seen Maddie K lovin' that chocolate milk. Love that little cutie!