Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My trip to Arizona

My wonderful, thoughtful husband offered to fly me out to Arizona to visit my family before I had the baby. He stayed home with the kids for four days while I got to actually sleep in and veg and have my mom take care of me. It was pure bliss! Thank you so much babe - I love you.
These are some of the pictures my family sent me, since I forgot my camera.
~My family threw a little shower for me while I was out there, that was very nice of them and always lots of fun.
~I got to see my sister Julie and Brent's newest addition. She came home from the hospital a healthy 4 1/2 pounds! Can you believe that. She was so sweet and precious and light.
~I went with a few of my sisters and watched "Twilight" again.
~ And we did lots of eating out!
All in all, I had an absolute wonderful time, but it was nice to walk out of the airport and see my husband and kids waiting for me to give me lots of hugs and kisses.
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Luvs :o) said...

hope you liked the pictures i sent. I am so glad and thankful you came...can't wait till the next time i see you again :0)

Carrie Kay said...

I am so happy for you that you were able to do that. What a wonderful husband you have!

Aunt Kuku said...

Brit, I am so glad that you had fun while you were in AZ. I love the pictures!