Thursday, April 24, 2008

McCade was in a skit at school. He had to dress up as a rock star. Doesn't he look so cute. I really wish I had it on video because he really got into it. He would raise his other arm and bang it in the air and jump up just like a rock star. It was so cute. He had the audience laughing. That's one COOL DUDE!
The teachers suggested a leather jacket and maybe call the other moms to try and match the other kids. Yeah Right and where am I suppossed to find a leather jacket in the spring time. So I made it out of an old batman cape that the boys had! Cool uh. I accidently made it way too tight - fake leather doesn't stretch.

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LCrook said...

Cute Brittney!! He looks like he fit the part perfectly. I'm impressed with the jacket. Look at you!

Shaun & Lauren said...

HE looked like he was having sooo much fun! He is truely one cool kid!