Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween pictures

Here's some fun pictures of the kids in their costumes. I'm especially proud of Macey's. I remember mom did one of us as a scarecrow when we were kids and I thought that would be pretty original. I want to dress her up in fun and different costumes before all she wants to be is a princess, princess, princess. Isn't Mason adorable! He was not happy to have that on so all we got was one picture. CJ didn't like his Zorro costume the night of the ward Halloween party. He thought it was too boring and "not cool" so we had to come up with something different for Character Day and Halloween. He was very excited about his knight costume! I love Cade's Roman Soldier costume. That was a christmas gift from Auntie last year. They just love getting dressed up in their costumes and running around the house imagining all sorts of good vs evil battles.
Okay can you tell I don't know how to do this blog stuff yet. I'm learning.


Jim & Lori said...

I actually liked the Zorro one. But Annika just came and looked and said "Zorro, who's Zorro?" (Too young I guess.) The scarecrow was way too cute! Loved the snotty nose that went with it. (dang sugar)And did you make those shields?? Very impressive if you did. So I'm curious, what books did you come up with to go along with their costumes?

Jim & Lori said...

Oh, and an odd question for you. What is the name of the paint on your gold colored walls? I was wanting a color like that for my bedroom.

The Vining's said...

Hey you guys, What super cool outfits! I actually was talking with shaun about making eden a scarecrow costum for next year! You know how they put everything on super big discounts now for halloween? Well I was going to pick up the materials to make it for next year! She looks super cute!